Residents appeal for Ferndown post office to reopen

‘OPEN our post office now’. This is the message from residents in Ferndown.

The town’s post office has now been closed for more than four weeks.

Councillors and Ferndown residents say their frustrations have been heightened by limited communication from the Post Office.

Earlier this week, the Post Office confirmed it is actively looking to resolve the situation at the Ferndown branch.

Residents say a temporary postmaster should be put in place to get the store open right away.



Residents and businesses in Ferndown are exasperated by the lack of movement regarding the sudden closure of their post office on 5 July and there seems little prospect of it opening any time soon.
The lessee of the property, Mr Athwal is very keen to see the problem resolved, and had hoped that a temporary postmaster would have been appointed by the Post Office on 2 August.
This didn’t happen.
“I am shocked that the Post Office don’t have any regard for the community,” said Mr Athwal, “I’ve got a team that can be put in place almost immediately. We could reopen the doors, but the Post Office won’t agree to it.”
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Ferndown Chamber of Commerce set to continue Following the EGM

On Tuesday 25 July 2017 where it was unanimously voted by all committee members to keep the Ferndown Chamber of Commerce (FCOC) open, it is with great pleasure that we can announce that the FCOC will be moving forward with the addition of new committee members. After receiving feedback from many sources in the community, it was agreed that the best interest for businesses, the Ferndown community and with the new development planned in the town, that the FCOC needs to be an active and a visible part of Ferndown’s future. With fresh faces and new ideas the FCOC will aim to serve the businesses in the town and work with local authorities and community groups to drive Ferndown forward and make it a place where businesses can thrive.

Kind Regards,

FCOC Committee